With average summer temperatures reaching as high as 107° F, even people who have lived in Arizona their whole lives are often on the lookout for ways to stay cooler and keep their energy bills under control. A switch to energy efficient windows can help. While many home improvements increase the va...

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Is there anything more relaxing that soaking in the luxury of a warm bath after a long day? While the simple joy of bathing is something that many of us take for granted, this can be a major challenge for seniors or those with mobility challenges. Slippery floors and high tub thresholds can make...

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Phoenix's home improvement experts have done some online remodeling of our own! Reliant is the area's most-trusted name for home remodeling, and we have completed projects for thousands of local homeowners. In the midst of making Phoenix more beautiful one home at a time, we found time to work on a...

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