Keep Your House Cool with New Energy Efficient Windows

With average summer temperatures reaching as high as 107° F, even people who have lived in Arizona their whole lives are often on the lookout for ways to stay cooler and keep their energy bills under control. A switch to energy efficient windows can help. While many home improvements increase the value of your home, Phoenix replacement energy efficient windows does one better: They actually cut the cost of your monthly cooling bills!

We could talk about the features that allow energy efficient windows to keep your house cooler. The discussion would include how low-e glass allows sunlight to enter but redirects the heat back to its source. We'd chat about the importance of choosing an energy efficient window company that offers products with a low solar heat gain coefficient (SHGC), which is a measurement of how much heat enters through the glass. Of course, air leakage would be part of the conversation. The less air leakage the better—unless you want to try and cool the entire neighborhood.

While we could talk about those and other features of quality windows (and we will during your free, in-home estimate!), many homeowners are less interested in how it all works and more interested in how well it works! So, how much can you save?

The typical homeowner can save more than $450 a year when switching from single pane windows to Phoenix energy efficient windows. If you're upgrading from double pane windows, the savings can still be significant. You also have to consider that those are typical savings. Arizona summers are not typical, so your savings could be even greater.

Is It Time for New Window Installation?

How do you know it's time for replacement windows? For some homeowners, the signs are clear:

  • Your home has single pane windows
  • You can feel a draft around the windows
  • Windows are no longer operational or are very difficult to open and close
  • You can determine the temperature outside by touching the glass

Even if your windows aren't showing such obvious signs of needing to be replaced, you could still be throwing money right out of your not-so-energy-efficient windows. If your windows are older, it's a good bet that you could trim your cooling costs and keep the interior of your home more comfortable by upgrading to quality replacement energy efficient windows.

To find out for sure, schedule a free, no-obligation estimate. Our window experts will examine your current windows and show you all the options we offer for new window installation. Turn your home into a cool sanctuary from the summer heat and save money while doing it! Give Reliant a call today, or simply fill out our online contact form to get started.