Regain Your Independence With a Walk-In Tub

Is there anything more relaxing that soaking in the luxury of a warm bath after a long day? While the simple joy of bathing is something that many of us take for granted, this can be a major challenge for seniors or those with mobility challenges.

Slippery floors and high tub thresholds can make the bathroom one of the most hazardous areas of the home, and it's a prime place for slips and falls to occur—taking away the bathing independence of you and your loved ones. At Reliant Capitol, we solve these common safety concerns with our selection of beautiful walk-in tubs for Phoenix homes. Built for lasting durability without compromising on style, a new walk-in tub gives you the freedom to relax and enjoy our bathing experience once again—without spending a fortune on full bathroom renovations!

There are several features that make a replacement walk-in tub from Reliant stand out from the crowd, and it all comes down to innovative engineering and attention to detail. Every handicap tub we install in Phoenix comes complete with exclusive benefits that include:

  • Exceptional Safety: High-quality grab bars, leak-proof doors, and easy-to-reach controls give you the power to enjoy your bath without worrying about safety.
  • Luxurious Comfort: Relax in the soothing jets of a handicap bathtub and customize the look of your bath with a wide selection of colors, styles, and accessories.
  • High-Quality Construction: Every new walk-in tub we install is crafted from multilayer, antimicrobial acrylic to give you a low-maintenance solution that lasts for a lifetime.

The innovative features of our walk-in tubs are enough to transform any home, but Reliant doesn't stop there! As a home remodeling leader, we believe customer service is the top priority, and our experts will get your new tub installed quickly and efficiently. In fact, we can complete many of our installations in as little as one day!

When it comes down to it, everyone deserves to have a bathroom that meets their needs, and a handicap-accessible tub is the ideal choice for getting back your bathing independence at a price that fits within your budget. To learn more and to get set up with a free estimate, just give Reliant a call or fill out our online form today!